Sunday, April 10, 2011

Japan Awakening, Our Awakening

It is really disheartening that Japanese people went through so much pain and loss after the strong earthquake combined with the gigantic tsunami engulfing them and the unexpected nuclear plant leakage. Indeed, disasters have no favorites, whether you are rich or poor. But time cannot wait for them so they must continue living in spite of what happened. Yes, what kind of life to have in such dire circumstance?
Japan is well known for its high technology in the field of computers but it could not save them from such calamity. Robots may have worked in their factories, offices, and even in houses but could not help them from great tidal waves from destroying their homes and infrastructures. Countries compete with one another in the nuclear and industrial world but unknowingly it is pressuring the citizens involved and stealing them from their homes. What kind of people are they? They must not forget that they are humans, too.

Yes, it is time for awakening. A human life is worth more than anything what the financial world can offer. Man is still a precious being in God’s eyes that riches cannot buy. We should be awakened in this reality. We tend to neglect life and relationships as what God created it to be. We focused so much on what the material world can provide and neglecting the most important thing in our lives, family and friends.

Since we are talking about the importance of life then let us reflect on what the Japanese has gone through. Let us be reminded of the Hiroshima bombing, too. Then allow me to ask you these personal questions.
·         How good is your relationship with your families and friends?
·         How much time did you spend with them?
·         What is your first priority in life?

Yes, if only there are time machines built to serve us in cruising life but there is none. Let us not wait for disaster to come before we try to reflect on what is truly important to us. There is always a saying that regrets always come late.

Let us, also, share our blessings to the Japanese people. If you can extend help to them then try to check on websites and organizations that are giving financial support to them.

I'm Back

Sorry guys, I have been away for more than a year. A lot of things happened to my family back then. My husband was assigned to work in another country and so we left. Unfortunately, there was no internet connection to where we were staying. So my work in the internet stopped. Then when we came back here in the Philippines, our internet connection had been cut down while we were away because the housekeeper didn't dare to pay the telephone bills. Thus, that was another setback on our side. Now, we finally have our connection, so I can continue writing posts again.

Just wait for my next post. Sorry for the inconvenience but I am now back!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Tell Them Now

Let somebody know you're caring,
Take the time to listen to
What they want so much to tell you,
For the gentle folks are few.
You are not so high and mighty,
That you cannot spare a smile,
For you never know when you might
Need somebody after-while.

This poem reminded me of someone close to me before he died. This happened during my high school years.  I have been very close to this old man. He was a far relative. I really enjoyed talking to him and listening to his jokes and guidance. When he started to get sick, I visited him every Sunday afternoon just to spend time talking and listening to him. I was not weary traveling far just to listen to this man and read all the books he wanted me to read to him allowed.

Then I started to get busy with exams in school and I stopped visiting. Then suddenly, some of my relatives came to visit me and mentioned that the old man died months ago. I was really shocked that I realized that I totally forgot to visit him again. Then they mentioned that he was looking for me those past days before he died. He kept on mentioning about the girl who was always there to listen and talk to him. He wished that I was around to read him more books. Then they said that he was really waiting for me.

I really cried to hear everything they said. Somehow, I was, also, at peace when they added that before he died, he told them to tell me that he was really thankful that there was somebody who spared the time to be with him. He was happy that I read all those books for him. He wished of my presence but those days spent with him was enough to make him happy recalling those memories.

I wished that I didn't stop visiting but those last words of kindness made me happy that I did something good for that old man. How about you? Have you spent the time talking with your parents or family or friends? Life is quite short and you will never what you totally missed. Regrets will always come last.

Also, there will be a time that you will be needing someone to spend the time with you, too. So, give those smiles and time now while you can.