Friday, March 26, 2010

Tell Them Now

Let somebody know you're caring,
Take the time to listen to
What they want so much to tell you,
For the gentle folks are few.
You are not so high and mighty,
That you cannot spare a smile,
For you never know when you might
Need somebody after-while.

This poem reminded me of someone close to me before he died. This happened during my high school years.  I have been very close to this old man. He was a far relative. I really enjoyed talking to him and listening to his jokes and guidance. When he started to get sick, I visited him every Sunday afternoon just to spend time talking and listening to him. I was not weary traveling far just to listen to this man and read all the books he wanted me to read to him allowed.

Then I started to get busy with exams in school and I stopped visiting. Then suddenly, some of my relatives came to visit me and mentioned that the old man died months ago. I was really shocked that I realized that I totally forgot to visit him again. Then they mentioned that he was looking for me those past days before he died. He kept on mentioning about the girl who was always there to listen and talk to him. He wished that I was around to read him more books. Then they said that he was really waiting for me.

I really cried to hear everything they said. Somehow, I was, also, at peace when they added that before he died, he told them to tell me that he was really thankful that there was somebody who spared the time to be with him. He was happy that I read all those books for him. He wished of my presence but those days spent with him was enough to make him happy recalling those memories.

I wished that I didn't stop visiting but those last words of kindness made me happy that I did something good for that old man. How about you? Have you spent the time talking with your parents or family or friends? Life is quite short and you will never what you totally missed. Regrets will always come last.

Also, there will be a time that you will be needing someone to spend the time with you, too. So, give those smiles and time now while you can.

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