Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Common Illness in the Society

In the human race on earth, regardless of race, religion, culture and nationalities, it has a common illness: one mistake covers all good works.

Once a man committed a mistake all of his achievements and good contribution to the society will all be forgotten. Why? It is because the mistake is magnified more than his good works. Regardless of status in life, this common illness is prevalent and evident. Instead of just simple admonishment or reminder, gossipers became the jury and the person involved is convicted and left behind. Wounded that person may be but still that person is continually being hit by unseen arrows. Thus, that person became prisoner without a prison cell. An invisible wall of distrust and prejudice became that person’s prison bar.

Life must move on in spite of what is happening around us but those wounded persons, most of the time, has to crawl up all by himself. What is humanity by the way? Is this really being human? Is this why we were made from the very beginning? Or, is it that human values are rotting out and there is no morality anymore? The fact is human nature is totally sinful and selfish. We tend to look on other people’s mistakes and magnify it even more to cover up our very own flaws and imperfectness.

Can we not salvage moral values for the good of mankind? Nowadays, a lot of people think that moral values are old fashioned and it has no effect for modern society. If that is so then the school, church and the court of law has no value anymore. Why? It is because this is where values are taught and given high regard. Do we really allow that kind of thinking to prevail? Are we going to allow the future generations to live life in such a manner?

Forgiveness and acceptance is important to each one of us. We cannot continue living if forgiveness is not given. A life without acceptance is like living in an island where the only human living is you. Everyone wants acceptance. Everyone needs to be forgiven. Somehow, we just want it for ourselves but we do not willingly give it to others. Thus, we should learn to change that kind of mindset. From here on we should start all over again and try to change our very own way of thinking. 

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