Friday, January 29, 2010

20 Tips to Strengthen your Relationship with Your Children

As I saw my children reaching the age of puberty, then entering adulthood, I realized that I need to strengthen my relationship with them. At the same time, I will be improving myself concerning parenthood. So, these are the list of reminders I made for myself.

Tips to strengthen my relationship with my children:

1. I need to be strict to have a Family Day every week. This is an exclusive day for family fun time and spending time with the kids. No interruptions through calls or of any way to interfere my time with my children.

2. Family Devotion. To spend time reading the Bible with my children to build each one of us through God's word. At the same time, guidance for my kids as they grow.

3. I must keep my promises whenever I make a promise. Whether be simple or major things/affairs, I must keep them.

4. Bring my children with me, if possible, to special occasions or travels I needed to go. In this way, they will not feel always left behind or neglected. At the same time, they will see me as a good example. Also, through this I can implant in their hearts and minds my very passion in life. If I can't do such, then spend a special day with them after the travel.

5. My actions will always speak louder than my words. Even if I say "don't do that" and yet I do the opposite, my words will not reach them. Rather, they will follow my actions.

6. I must learn to trust my children more.

7. I must give room for mistakes. I must show mercy and tolerance sometimes.

8. Be with my children, as much as possible, in their growing stage.

9. Spend time with each one of them, like to schedule to go out with each child every month. Maybe, just simply eating out or watching a movie or go to a park.

10. If both me and my husband are working then one of us must take turns to be at home when the kids come home from school.

11. I must talk important issues or major changes to take place in the house. Example: having relatives visiting or staying longer.

12. I must listen to their opinions and suggestions.

13. Father must spend time with the kids when he is at home and not just being in the house.

14. Implement plan of action right away when disciplinary move is needed and be firm about it.

15. Make the kids understand of their mistakes when they do wrong.

16. I must give room for my kids to agree and disagree concerning issues and personal principles are concerned.

17. Encourage and support the children in every effort they make because these things means greatly to them.

18. Be a listening ear to them.

19. Always take advantage with modern technology, like mobile phones, for communication. In this way, communication with them will be easier.

20. Always pray for them. I cannot spend my whole time with them but God can be with them.
I have been trying to do exactly what I wrote above but there are times I missed. The most important thing is that I am trying my best. I hope this will help you, too.

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  1. Once again, very well written article. You've got a wonderful blog here. I am speechless.

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