Saturday, February 6, 2010

Learn From the Little Fish

(I do believe a lot of you out there are waiting for additional posts about Tatay and Nanay (father and mother). So, here you are. By the way, I will be away for days, so I made sure I have a lot posted for your reading purposes. Enjoy!)

This is one of Tatay's unforgettable and inspiring stories that he shared to the people wherever he went to encourage young and old alike about not giving up as long as you are living. 

One day, when Tatay was still 12 years old, he went to a nearby river bank to pick firewood. As he was passing by, he saw that the current was very fast and strong at the time. A lot of logs and wood debris were floating downstream. He even saw dead animals floating, too. May be there was a strong rain on top of the mountains that caused such sight, he thought.
He was amused on the things he saw. He, almost, forgot the purpose why he was there. While he was trying to jump on the logs near the bank, something caught his attention. He saw a very small fish, as big as a man's little finger. It was trying to swim upstream. The current was strong at that time, yet, the fish kept on swimming. Tatay noticed that its progress was so slow; still, it did not give up. It kept on swimming, inch by inch.

As he was staring at that fish he realized that it was almost night time. He needed to go home, soon. He then started to walk back but he noticed that a lot of the things he saw earlier had vanished. Probably, it was swept by the strong current, yet, he can still see the fish striving and slowly progressing.

Thinking of the situation of the fish, he thought that, indeed, the logs and the others were swept away by the current because they are already dead; but the fish strives on and progressing against the current because it is living. We may think life can be very hard at times but as long as we are living there is still hope. As long as we are alive, we can tackle all the hardships, problems, and struggles in life. Today will be better compared yesterday as long as we do not give up.

Lastly, the sun shines for the dead and the living but the living will progress while the dead will stay six feet below the ground and will just remain a memory. Who of the two are you today? YES, YOU ARE ONE OF THE LIVING because you are reading this post. So do not give up as long as you are living.


  1. Tatay is indeed a very learned person. Loved the story. It is very much true and connects with the lives we live.
    Looks like you won't be here for blogging. Will be looking forward to many more of Tatay's stories.

    Have a good day...:)

  2. Love the ending part, do not give up as long as you are living.