Monday, February 1, 2010

Vengeance is not Mine

As a social worker, Tatay always meet and help people as much as they can. Aside from being a social worker, he is a God-fearing man. For him, whatsoever the circumstances he is in, he will always go back to the Bible for guidance with his family and work.

One time, a woman, with four children, went to Tatay and asked for help. This woman told Tatay that she was a battered wife. She described her husband as being sadist. The husband was a pilot of a private plane. He was so proud of himself and shamed his family at the same time. The woman said that she and her kids had been punched by her husband for no reasons at all. She cannot bear it anymore; so she ran away with her kids.

Tatay cannot let them be that way so he sent them to an orphanage run by his eldest daughter. They stayed there for a while, at the same time, he was still thinking what to do with the situation. Then, one time, Tatay went to the place where that woman lives while he was checking a different family sponsored by a non-government foundation. As he was waiting in a tricycle (a three-wheel ride run by a motorcycle at the side, right photo), a man sat beside him. As Tatay was conversing with the driver, the man beside him overheard his name. Then he suddenly spoke, "So you are Mr. Bacarro, who took my wife as your mistress." Then the man beat Tatay badly. Tatay's face was covered with blood. He, almost, fainted. 

The people stopped the man and held Tatay to get up. Tatay cancelled his trip and went home with blood stained face. He tried to avoid his kids from seeing him but they saw him alright. They insisted to take revenge, most of all the two sons; but Tatay stopped them. He said that the bible says that vengeance is of God and not of man. He added that they must let God be the judge and the one to give the judgment. One month after, they just heard that the man was murdered.

Tatay was saddened that the man died that way without seeing the family reconciled. He did not pray that God will give that kind of judgment. Was it really God's judgment? Was it only because of this man's undoing? Ah, no one can tell, only God knows. Somehow, the most important thing was that Tatay did not take the man’s blood onto his hands. His sons, as well, were kept from committing vengeance. Until now my husband kept on telling this story to my children; so that they, too, will learn from their grandfather.

This may be a sad story but may we learn from this, too. 


  1. He is right, vengeance is the Lord's. Your Tatay is a good man for sticking up for people who needed his help.

  2. Tatay is a great person. He was right about leaving vengeance to the Lord. It is not us who should decide what is right and wrong. The lord is a judge and will give a proper judgment. Wonderful post. Thanks!:)