Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love that Supports Remains Strong Forever

Tatay came to know Nanay through a friend who introduced them by letter writing. They didn't meet yet. He started to get interested so he communicated right away. (Take note: no computers yet at that time, only letter writing by post. It took weeks before they received the mails.) Thus, they became pen pals from then on. He was still studying in Cagayan de Oro City while she studied nursing in Iloilo City. To be exact, they were islands away from each other.

Later, Tatay came to Cebu to venture for a better life. He worked in a non-government organization and studied through correspondence course at the same time. Unexpectedly, Nanay went to Cebu and became a volunteer worker in the same institution that Tatay was working. What a surprise for them. Nanay didn't even know, even though they are corresponding, that he was working there. What do you call that? Fate brought them together or God's will? I choose the latter. How about you? I really enjoy true love stories. Let us continue.

From then on, they fell in love and started dating. Their relationship went well but with twist and turns, too. Aside from being tall and having good leadership characteristics, Tatay was good-looking. He was actually very attractive to girls. “A lot of pretty girls tried to flirt with Tatay just to get his attention,” Nanay said once. However, Nanay was not intimidated for she knew Tatay really loved her. Tatay said that he was only looking straight on one strong-willed woman. For him, she was the woman of whom he can fully trust. He, also, saw that she was the right woman who will support him with all his dreams and plans in life. Nanay was not bad looking either. Sorry for the other girls. No chance.

They decided to get married later and brought forth two daughters and two sons, who followed their passion in life, helping others. I saw them worked together in every endeavor that they made. Tatay was not wrong for choosing Nanay. Indeed, I really saw her supporting him all the way until her death. She never questioned him with his efforts. He was, also, a loving and caring husband. Nanay was diabetic and she was hospitalized a lot of times before she died. For all those times he was always there for her every day. They are really a good example for couples. 

For them, a couple that supports one another will remain strong forever and a couple that builds on love and trust will stand on a firm foundation.

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  1. I really like it. true stories are really beautiful. so romantic.hehe =)